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Specific Business Coverage and Performance Record

■Management of Development Project

On behalf of client, we will fully utilize our professional expertise to maximize the value of the property by way of rendering services on revenue planning, design management, construction management (including quality control, schedule control, and cost control), leasing management and branding management.

■Actual Performance Record

  • Office and residence renovation

  • Rental condominium project management

  • New construction project management

  • Five-star hotel construction project

  • Large-scale hospital re-construction project


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■ Project Arrangement including Brokerage

We will help client acquire or sell income-generating real estate properties, fully utilizing our wide-range business network. In case of acquisition, we will be capable to introduce appropriate and fitting-in properties from a wide-range of owners/investors who we have business contact with. In case of liquidation, we will be ready to bring in investors, domestic or overseas, institutional or individual, who will be interested to review investment into the property.

■ Actual Performance Record

  • Commercial building inheritance case involving existing tenant evacuation

  • Income-generating real estate

  • Hotel development site

  • Liquidation of bulk of properties

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